How do I get started?

Follow these simple steps to enroll in the Ninja Academy

Enrollment in the NinjaZone Academy begins with your monthly membership. Your child gets one Focus class per week, where Coaches instruct them on our Ninja curriculum, unlimited Challenge Sessions each week (our version of Open Gym, where Ninjas hone their skills and challenge themselves on the Rig!), and sign-up access to one 2.5 hour Parents Night out per month (extra fees apply). We offer discounts for service members (military, police, fire & teachers), as well as sibling discounts.

  • Your child’s NinjaZone Academy experience begins now

    Your first month is an introduction to the fundamentals of Ninja Sport. Ninjas will learn essentials of safety, master a few cool tricks and skills, and experience The Rig! – our unique obstacle system. This month is filled with exciting, non-stop action and awesome Ninja moves. Plus, Ninja Sport is a foundational sport that will set your child up for success in athletics by teaching specific core techniques through early positive experiences.

  • Learn about the equipment and how to navigate it safely
  • Discover the joy and excitement of full range body movement
  • Learn to fall safely
  • Learn to roll, and absorb shock in landings
  • Learn to control body weight upside down
  • Learn fundamental Ninja skills
  • Become a member and enjoy the rewards

    Your first month allows your child to experience NinjaZone Academy classes and Challenge times, with a focus on safety and awareness in their new environment. After your first month, your Ninja is placed in a class with fellow Ninjas in a similar skill range, usually based on age. This Ninja Class then helps your child to progress as the athletes push one another as they learn Ninja Sport. 

  • Purchase your exclusive Ninja Academy Uniform

    The uniform is part of the whole package: it encourages focus, discipline, and gets your child in the mindset for class. It turns their Ninja Mode: On! Your exclusive Academy Uniform includes NinjaZone branded T-shirt, shorts, headband, and grip socks*. Staff will assist with your purchase when you enroll, and stock the uniforms in-store.

    *All athletes must wear NZ Academy Socks to access training and challenge areas.

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